23A First Avenue South
Williams Lake, BC  V2G 1M4


January 28th, 2010

I can’t remember how I pulled it off, but Mr Odie had popped into the clinic this afternoon to take Miss B out to lunch and I somehow got myself an invite!  Naturally, I suggested to drag Miss D out with us too so that I wouldn’t have to play third wheel *heh*.  My understanding is that Mr Odie is quite fond of Trattoria’s so that was where we went.

Oh how I love the smell of pasta and their oh-so-rich sauces!  But carbs are bad for me!  (Well, at least for another couple months anyways…) It was salads for me *boo* but Miss B was on a diet too so I had company in the leafy department.  My pick for today is the meal sized portion of the Hot Chicken Garden salad.  It was warm chicken breast, sliced up and laid ontop of a large bed of romaine hearts, zucchini, tomatoes, sugar snap peas, and spring green onions.  It was quite delicious.


...hot chicken garden salad...

Miss B ordered the  Cajun Chicken Caesar salad, also in the meal size.  Sliced up spicy chicken breast, croutons, and parmesan sat on her plate of romaine.  Miss D had the Cajun Chicken fettucini and Mr Odie had the Chicken and Mango linguini.  He also indulged in a glass of red house wine.


...cajun chicken caesar...

...cajun chicken fettucini

...chicken & mango linguini...

The food came quickly and the establishment was very cozy.  It filled up with people in no time and the noise levels rose, but it was the comforting sounds of people gossiping, catching up, and generally have a great time with each other.  A breeze of cold wind would be let in every time someone let the door open though, and a sweater would be recommended if dining here during winter like we were.

Nobody had room for dessert, but I’m told that the cheesecakes here are to die for, and I noticed that they have bubble tea here (!)… Unfortunately, it appears that they’re only offered in the summer and they use powder instead of fresh fruit.  Who knows… maybe I’ll be able to enjoy a bubble tea right here in Williams Lake in a few months.