Located in the Canadian Tire parking lot
Williams Lake, BC


M-F: 10:30am-6pm, Sa/Su: 10:30am-4:30pm

Jun 7, 2010

Oh dear… it’s been awhile hasn’t it?  I seem to have bypassed spring altogether and the nights are now shorter… the days are warmer… and most importantly, much of the hidden-away restaurants are re-opened.  I never realised how many places actually stay closed for the winter!

Well, I am pleased to say that with the wedding now long behind us and with my re-introduction to the world as Mrs O I can say good-bye to the world of salads and !Hello! to carbs again.  And I began that wonderful trek today at lunch time with the  usual suspects: Miss D and Miss B.

The Burger Shed?  I’ve seen it many many times… it’s always been a staple landmark parked permanently on the edge of the Canadian Tire parking lot.  I’ve been in Williams Lake for neigh on five years now and never once have I ever had the inkling to go eat there.  Ladies and gentlemen, if you’ve been following me through my previous posts, you’ll know that I’m just not all that fond of burgers.  And so you can imagine that it was with intrepidation when I agreed to hit up the spot when Miss  B suggested it.

A few of the picnic tables were already occupied by hungry customers and there was a bit of a line-up by the time we’ve arrived.  We took our time reviewing over the menu and I had to admit that it was a bit intimidating at first… I never knew there were so many ways you can dress up a burger!  Feta and olives on the Greek burger, pineapples and honey mustard on the Hawaiian, grilled green peppers and bacon bits on the Tex Mex… well it’s a no wonder I’ve never been a fan of burgers if all I’m accustomed to is cheese and ketchup… d’oh.

The  main attraction is the beef patties made from *LOCAL* beef produced by Rodears Meat from the Beaver Valley.  Or if you’d prefer there’s chicken burgers made from BC chicken breasts, vegetarian burgers made out of veggie patties, or even pick the lamb, buffalo or halibut option… all local and from BC.

I opted for the Prosperity burger which included a 4 oz beef patty, a generous slice of mozza, sauteed mushrooms, and your regular fixings of pickles, lettuce, onions, a homemade relish – that is to DIE for – and tomato (from hereon I shall refer to as PLORT).  I held the onions, and it was a good thing I did because it turned out that they were quite free with their onions and that never makes for a good thing when you have to work with the public for the rest of the afternoon.  Miss B had the Swiss Bacon burger.  On top of the PLORT was a nice thick slice of gruyere and smoked bacon.  Her beef patty came in a 5-6 oz size.  Miss D veered into chicken territory and got the Cheddar Bacon Chicken burger which had about a 4-5 oz sized chicken breast, cheddar cheese, bacon and the PLOORT.  No that is not a spelling error… there’s double the onions folks!  Both fried and raw versions on this one baby!


...greuyere anyone?...


...chicken and pig together at last...

We managed to snag some seats at an empty bench and enjoyed the much awaited sunshine while we waited for our lunches.  They bring it out to you on no-mess, no-fuss paper plates along with a good handful of napkins.  The burger looked fabulous and holy schamoley it tasted GOOD.  The patty was so nice and juicy you had to make sure to eat with a craned neck just so the meat juices doesn’t drip down into your lap!  I must’ve gone through at least 3 napkins just to wipe my mouth.  And boy, I’ll tell you… that burger had no chance at all and it was devoured in no time.  It was so filling that I barely even had room for the fries… which was a shame because they came to us all nice and crispy and lightly seasoned.



Geezus… 5 years and my first time eating here??  I really outta be ashamed of myself… but I guess that just means I’ll have to work hard to make up for lost time.  I can’t wait to show Mr O this place!