Without a doubt, I LUURVE food!  But make no mistake, I am NOT a foodie, nor a gourmet, or any of those fancy words that implies I hold even the slightest sophistication when it comes to food.  Simply put, I just love to eat it… I love to talk about it, I love to cook it, I love to look at it.

I.  Love.  Food.

A Vancouverite transplant into the BC Central Cariboo region, my original transition to the area was rather slow and painful when I realised that the variety of restaurants in my new home was rather… sad… for a lack of a better word.  I was raised on homemade authentic cantonese cuisine, with a generous splash of vietnamese food on special occasions… now gone.  As well, my regular intake of sushi and gomae are taken away!  No more Friday late night bubble tea or Sunday morning congee either!  It wasn’t too long until I found myself settled into a culinary world where status quo included Denny’s, McDonald’s, and western chinese food.  I was stuck in an epicurian slump.

Then one day a patient of mine told me about ‘Burger Night’.

Every Friday night, she and her husband would frequent a new restaurant in town to try out their burgers and rate them.  I thought that was ingenious!  Then I thought about the many times that I have made the six hour drive to and from Vancouver, passing by numerous eateries only to never pay them any attention.  How was I to know what I was missing?  Only one way to find out.  It is with high hopes that this blog will force me to try out these new restaurants and re-awaken my taste buds again.

This is a personal journal of the food I eat in areas outside of the Greater Vancouver Area and the surrounding Fraser Valley.  I am NOT a professional-or can even claim to be an amateur-photographer.  The pictures taken are done so with my trusty point-and-shoot digital.  Hopefully they’ll still turn out well enough to entice everyone to try out these places!

Questions?  Comments?  Feel free to contact me at nahc79 @ yahoo (dot) com.

Now, without further ado, let the eating begin!


3 Responses to “About the Taste Tester”

  1. Kate Says:

    Your first post just appeared on Urbanspoon! Check it out:


    You can also add a picture for your blog. This blog photo shows up next to your posts wherever they appear on Urbanspoon. Just head on over to your blog page on Urbanspoon to claim it:


    You’ll find some interesting badges and widgets there. Let me know if you have any questions.

  2. George Says:

    Hey lovely I finally figured out that you’d included a link to your site! I love it!! Well done :o)

    Miss you tonnes, come visit me sometime…

    G xxx

  3. Two places I’d strongly recommend for meals halfway between Vancouver and PG are the Cariboo Lodge in Clinton (more for breakfast menu) and the Central Cafe in Ashcroft (more for lunch menu). As well, in 100 Mile House, both the Firehouse Diner and Chartreuse Moose do excellent breakfasts – so these four places have become regular meal stops on my trips in the Cariboo. I loved reading this blog because many of these places I’ve either wondered about as I’ve passed by them or stopped at.

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