Cache Creek

1-1064 Trans-Canada
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M-Su: 10am – 7pm

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January 2, 2011

Another stop in Cache Creek!  Mr O and I drove through there over the weekend and stopped at Anie’s Pizza & Bakery for brunch at its new location along the highway across from the Dairy Queen.

After a few awkward moments of standing around the front door, we eventually learn that you have to seat yourself (we should’ve known really).  We gave the menu a quick look-over to see what was available.  You can choose from a list of different appetizers and pastas, but their main feature is the pizza page which is packed with different varieties.  That was something I actually wouldn’t have mind trying, but it was only 11am and pizza didn’t quite fit within the parameters of ‘brunch food’ in my lil’ world.  As well, at each table there are small piles of paper slips that you can fill out to essentially create your own sandwich, and that was what we both decided to go with.  This is fairly subway-like in its idea, but we found the execution to be far better.

Once you decide what it is you want to eat, you have to mosey on up to the front counter to drop of your orders.  Then you head back to your seat and sit pretty until they bring the food out to you.  Or… you can do what we did and check out the display of freshly baked breads and locally made jams and jellies for sale like we did.  There was also a frozen display of several types of homemade pastas, meat pies, pizzas, and fruit pies for sale that you can take home and warm up at your own leisure.

It wasn’t long until our food arrived.  With our sandwiches, we both decided to add on a bowl of soup, which was between a choice of today’s chicken noodle, or vegetable.  These soups are made on site and we were informed that the chicken noodle wasn’t *quite* done simmering yet.  We could’ve waited another few minutes, but we decided to change directions instead and went with the veggie soup.

...all these veggies... mama'd be so proud!...

With our soups, Mr O had the BLT on whole wheat bread and I had a chicken salad on whole wheat also.  His BLT must’ve had at least 6 strips of bacon in it because we counted 2 layers of this porky goodness.  And my chicken salad was chunky and creamy all at the same time, with just a simple dash of salt and pepper, while sitting on top of a layer of sliced cucumbers.  But the star of the show was really the bread… Oh the bread!  These sandwiches came with the fluffiest homemade bread I’ve ever had, and sliced just a tad thicker than conventional bread.  I can just go on and on about the bread alone!


...chicken salad sammy...

The sandwiches were almost too big and I was only able to finish half of mine.  Well actually, I went and forced myself to take a couple more bites out of the second half before calling defeat because I felt bad for wasting such good bread.  But for this waste I blame on the soup because I ended up being too full from it.  The veggie soup turned out to be so delicious that I went and finished the whole bowl.

Tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, celery, peas, onions, beans, potatoes, squash, and the kitchen sink.  The veggies were chunky and easy to distinguish, and yes… even my grandmother would recognise this food!

So with our bellies full, we pushed ourselves to the front to pay and was lured by the presence of glistening rows of sticky buns.  How could we resist?  We grabbed 2 to go so that we could continue with our gluttonous ways on the road, as well as purchasing a loaf of white bread.

Dearest Anie… she asked me if I was going to put the picture I took of the buns up on Facebook.  I told her ‘no’, which was only a half-lie.

...what a sweet ending...

These buns were yeasty on the inside as you pulled the rows apart, and the glaze coating was delightfully gooey with just a touch of crunch.  Imbedded within the dough are small chunks of apples which gave the buns a nice lingering sweetness.  It was just the perfect thing to hold us over until we got home.  And when we did… we sliced into that loaf of innocent white bread, toasted it and corrupted it with a layer of creamy butter.  But oh baby, those calories were so worth it!


1108 E Trans Canada Hwy
Cache Creek, BC  V0K 1H0


Sun-Thurs: 7am – 8pm / Fri & Sat: 7am – 9pm

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September 26th, 2010

So we spent another weekend down at the Coast to celebrate my FiL’s 70th birthday (…not bad eh?) and chugged along slowly back home.  Somehow we managed to hit up Cache Creek again around dinner time so we decided to give Chum’s a whirl this time.  It looked promising because there were quite a few cars parked outside.

The interior was quite dated and pretty much all the seats along the windows were taken up by other patrons, so we were seated along this half-wall that separated the sitting area from the serving station.  I can’t recall if there was any music playing in the background… but I sure was updated on the latest gossip amongst the employees!  It was an experience which bordered on charm and annoyance.

The girl that ended up taking our order was a bit curt.  I thought it was just the result of an aloof personality, but Mr O thought she was being a bag.  *ouch*  However, the girl that ended up bringing us our food was very friendly and balanced out the frostiness.

I ordered the Monte Cristo and Mr O asked for a Clubhouse.

Now, I’ve never had a Monte Cristo before so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, nor know what it was supposed to taste like.  I decided to be naughty and asked for it on white bread, and something that looked like a sandwich dipped and fried in egg arrived in front of me.  Between the bread were slices of black forest ham, roasted turkey, and swiss cheese.  The ham was salty, the turkey was bland and it had an overall taste combination that left me confused.  I wasn’t quite sure if I liked it.  I definitely didn’t like the way the bread was soggy and the insides seemed to be dripping clear liquid onto the plate.  Had something been re-steamed?  The second half of my sandwich had to be conquered with a fork and knife because by this point the bread was too limp and everything was falling apart in my hands.

...Monte Cristo...

...ready for a close-up?...

Mr O’s clubhouse arrived but it looked more like a BLT.  We’ve got the bacon… the lettuce… and the tomatoes… but the turkey appeared to be missing.  He figured that it would take too long to rectify the situation so he just ate it.  He thought it tasted pretty standard… hard to mess up on a BLT I guess.

...clubhouse?... blt?... hmm...


The fries looked like the pre-frozen variety and it came out nice and crispy.

By the time we were done eating, I was feeling like I was still missing something and thought about ordering a slice of pie to see if that would fill me up.  But when waitress #1 came along to clear up our plates, she stuck our bill at our table and walked off before I was able to ask for dessert.  So we flagged her down again and asked for a slice of the blueberry pie, heated with no ice cream.

Well, I polished it off pretty quick despite it looking like the pie filling came from a can.  The crust of the pie was pretty piping hot but the filling was still cold so I’m gonna deduce that the microwave was implemented in warming it up.  No worries, it did the job and filled my sweet tooth, saving me a trip to the DQ.

...pie time...

Verdict?  I can’t say I’m a fan of the food.  Even Mr O, who normally doesn’t care where he eats, would probably say “no” to another visit.  So I think it’s safe to say that we’ll try another place next time in Cache Creek.

1301 Cariboo Hwy 97 N
Cache Creek, BC  V0K1H0


Mon-Sun: 8am- 11pm (at time of post).


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August 29, 2010

Made our way home a bit later than anticipated and it was just about 9pm when we arrived at Cache Creek.  I thought it was time for dinner and was prepare to resign myself to eating at the Husky’s diner or the A&W seeing how it was Sunday night and most small-town eateries tend to close early.  To my surprise the bright yellow lights of Hungry Herbies were still lit so we decided to stop in.

What a surprise… it turns out they were opened till 11pm!  (Although while waiting for our food we eavesdropped on a conversation and found out that these were just their summer hours.)

My understanding is that there are actually 2 official entrances… one of them being the entryway to the ‘smoking-section’ of olden days.  The open kitchen sits in the middle, adjoining the two dining rooms.  We entered through the original non-smoking section and the first thing you’ll see is the huge menu that’s posted on the wall.

Once you’ve decided what you want to eat, you place your order with the cashier.  If it’s not something that’s quick and easy they’ll give you a number and call you when it’s done.  It’s like fast-food service, but with non-fast food… um… food!  I ordered the Combo, which is a 2 piece chicken meal with a side of coleslaw and fries.  Mr O ordered the famous Monsterburger (TM) and a side of poutine.

The restaurant was almost bathed in a warm yellow hue of flourescent lights and the weather was warm enough that the green picnic benches outside were quite occupied.  Antique appliances and old historical-esque photographs decorated the room, giving the place a nice kitschy feel.  There was quite a steady stream of traffic coming through the restaurant which surprised me because at this time of night on a Sunday Williams Lake is virtually dead.

Mr O went to pick up the food when our number was called.  My chicken was light but crispy on the outside, and piping hot on the inside.  I was a bit disappointed that one of the pieces was a breast because I wasn’t a big fan of white meat.  But seriously, this meat was nice and tender… not at all dry like I had feared.  The skin was nicely seasoned without it being overly salty and it didn’t seem too greasy.  According to the menu, the fried chicken here are cooked in a pressure-cooker… could this be the secret to moist, non-greasy fried chicken breasts?  I shall have to investigate!

...2pc combo...

...chicky chicky wow wow...

The coleslaw was really nothing to write home about.  It was a small container of shredded cabbage which was almost swimming in dressing.  But the home-cut fries were good and made up for that.  Not terribly crispy, but I found I didn’t mind at all… especially when they were coated in melty, gooey mozza, cheddar and gravy in the poutine version!  Christ they were fattening… but oh so good!  Once in awhile won’t hurt though, right?  I’m just glad that Mr O was willing to share them with me!

...ooey gooey poutiney...

His Monsterburger (TM) was huge and made up of 2 beef patties, cheese, mushrooms, bacon, relish, mayo, lettuce and tomato.  These burger come with a warning to not attempt driving while eating one, and that warning came with good reason… meat and relish juice all over the wrapper!  His fingers were coated and he went through quite a few napkins trying to contain the mess.  Taste-wise it was good, but seriously… it had nothing on the Burger Shed.


And get this… free wifi!  In Cache Creek!  Who knew??  Maybe next time I’ll do a live redux onsite!