99 3rd Avenue S.
Williams Lake, BC V2G 1J1


November 16, 2010

Lunch today was at the Hearth Restaurant located at the Cariboo Friendship Society, and I was joined by Mrs C.  She’s never been here before, and I’ve eaten here once but that was many moons ago, so this was technically a new venture for the both of us.

There were a surprising amount of tables available without making the place look cramped, and that might be attributed to the large windows that gave the place a nice bright feeling inside.  I arrived first and noticed that the first thing that welcomes you is the wonderful aromas of home cooked food.  As with most restaurants in Williams Lake, you seat yourself and the young man with a pleasant smile was quick to greet me with the menu.  After Mrs C arrived, he was quick to return to take our orders.

There’s a daily lunch buffet available for $9.50 that offers a variety of hot foods, but we decided to order off the menu instead.  There is quite the selection of hot and cold entrees and sandwiches, as well as a wide range of food for those with smaller appetites (a category I’d never find myself in unfortunately).  What I also thought was unique was the page on the back of the menu dedicated to those on the weight watchers program.

Now, I keep hearing good things about the bannock here so I knew I wanted to work that into my meal somehow.  Today’s soup happened to be beef & vegetable, which our server promised was very good, so I went with that… A bowl of the good stuff and a bannock to go along with it.  Mrs C also wanted to try the soup, and had that with an egg salad sandwich.  It was pretty cold today after all, about minus 5, and that soup would hopefully warm us up.

And you know… that soup was really REALLY good!  It was so flavourful and woke my umami taste-buds up… savouriness anyone?  The chunks of beef were aplenty and tender, and the yummy broth was home to celery, onions, carrots, cabbage, potatoes, turnips, and broccoli.  Have a mentioned how good it was?  It went well with my cube of bannock, which I was surprised to find that it was of the baked variety, as I was expecting a piece of fried dough.  It was warm and dense on the inside and crusty on the outside.  It didn’t have much flavour to it, which made it all the better to soak up the soup.  I wanted to slather butter on what was left of it, but since none came with my meal I figured it wasn’t proper protocol.

...soupy goodness...

...bannock anyone?...

Mrs C’s sandwich came toasted and you can really see the egg pieces in it.  There didn’t seem to be too much of any other fillers in it, and she said it was lightly seasoned with just a bit of salt and pepper.  As a bonus, it came cut up into cute lil triangles, which really appealed to my inner child.

...lil sandwich triangles!...

As an afterthought, I ordered a cinnamon roll to satisfy my sweet tooth.  It came halved and toasted, which gave it a pleasing texture, and the dough was soft and yeasty.  All in all, a great way to end a meal in my opinion.  But I’m still left to wonder… can we put butter on our bannock?

...toasted cinnies...