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M-Sa: 11am – 10pm / Su: 10am – 8pm


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September 19, 2010

What do you do if you’re anchoring for lunch and your (fairly) significant other is still in the mind for breakfast?  Why… you go to brunch of course!  And Big Mama’s Steakhouse is where we found ourselves one lazy Sunday afternoon.  For $16.00 between the hours of 10am-2pm you can have pretty much anything your heart desires at their brunch buffet, regardless of whichever meal it is you’re trying to satisfy.

Mr O and I were seated at a table with a beautiful view of the lake, and we had our coffee orders taken before approaching the buffet.  I went straight for the lunch section, whereas he headed towards the breakfast arena.

My eyes immediately zoomed in on the beef ribs that were sitting all pretty and meat-like in their tray and I made a straight bee-line for that.  I also piled on steamed veggies, potato salad, and baked chicken.  But as I passed by the carving station, I thought… “what the heck” and opened up some real estate on my plate.  Beef or ham… ham or beef?  I believe a slice of roast beef will do… a *thin* slice mind you… I had to make sure I had room for dessert you know.

The made-to-order omelette station just so happened to be located next to the roasts and that was where Mr O had one made up for him with the works:  sausage, ham, bacon, onions, mushrooms, cheddar, bell peppers, and tomatoes.  Erm… hold the jalepenos though.  And while that was cooking away, he picked up some French toast, sausage links and bacon, roasted potatoes, lemon fish, and a piece of baked chicken to his plate.

...workin' an omelet...

The ribs were delicious… nothing like knowing on a beef bone to feel like one of the Flintstones!  The sauce was very flavourful with a nice tang and had pieces of tender onions in it.  It went very well with the potato salad, which was very creamy and had nice chunks of potato.  The chicken was very tender and cuts very well with the butter knife (which was good because I didn’t realise I had walked right pass the steak-knives in my haste to get to the ribs).

...ooohhh... hello ribs!...

...chick chick...

I even went back for seconds to get another rib… and don’t think for a second that I’m ashamed of it.  Another rib with more veggies, and I took more time to peruse the salad bar.  Besides the potato salad, there was also a pasta salad, Caesar, and Greek, to name a few.  I settled for a bowl of the fruit salad which looked very fresh, and added to it some chopped strawberries, preserved peaches, and preserved mandarin slices.

...see? I can do healthy!...

Mr O tackled his omelette with relish and cleaned his plate up rather well.  He raved about the French toast which was made out of thick slices of French bread.  Slathered in syrup and butter, it was almost like a dessert rather than breakfast!  I wasn’t surprised when he went back for some more of it!

...breakfast dessert... bressert?!

...bacon's good...

Speaking of dessert… did we have room for it in the end?  Of course we did… but just barely.  The sweets display was almost overwhelming: rich chocolate cake, assorted cheesecakes, slices of pie, cups of jello, cute lil cupcakes, and what we figured to be Portuguese custard tarts but wasn’t sure.  Well, whatever it was Mr O grabbed one of them, along with a slice of cheesecake and stole a bit of the strawberries from the salad bar.  I helped myself to a nice slice of the chocolate cake and was walking back to the table when something terrible caught my eye.  Sitting in a bowl of ice, trying to be all innocent and failing horribly, was a container of whipped cream.  With *NO* supervision!?  Goodness, it took a bit of restraint to watch how much of it I put on my cake.

...oops... couldn't wait!...

The chocolate cake was very rich and, along with the caffeine, was a really nice way to end the meal.  We were both very full and pleased with the food.  Would there even be a need to dinner?  Guess we’ll just have to lay down, digest and enjoy the rest of our Sunday to find out!


3075 Highway 97
150 Mile House, BC   V0K 2G0


Opened 7 days a week for breakfast and lunch, closed for the winter.

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December 20, 2009

It was an impulsive all-girls day at the tea house!  The girls from the clinic: Miss B, Miss D, Miss J, Doc Kay, Doc Bee, and myself decided to spend a lovely Sunday afternoon at Thyme For Tea (it shares its space with the Yellow Umbrella which happens to be a really nice gift store).  Since Doc Ar is a boy, we decided to invite his wife instead, Lady Ar.

This was my first time here, or in any tea house for that matter.  It was soooo cozy and just the perfect way to spend hours at a time with a group of girlfriends.  Because it was so close to the holidays, there were Christmas decorations and gift ideas everywhere you looked.  There were a few essential oils that I was tempted to buy and a really nice necklace that caught my eye but couldn’t justify buying… so I instead took enjoyment in window shopping.

There was an enormous amount of teas to choose from, all categorised.  Since I wasn’t really familiar with “western-type” teas, I stuck with a simple Green Tea (unadventurous, I know…)  The pots came encased in cute little cozies and everyone had a different style of china cup.  Our table was really starting to look like a tea party!


...I'm a little tea pot...

...more tea please!...

High Tea was available for $40 and consisted of tea and assorted sandwiches and pastries for 2 people, but it was much past lunch time and most of us were famished (yours truly included) so we opted to order from the actual menu.  I had the chicken salad sandwich, which had chunks of chicken, shredded almonds and dried cranberries on whole grain bread.

...soooo warm...

...chicken salad sandwich...

Overall I found it pretty tasty, but slightly on the bland side.  It came with a bowl of tomato pasta soup that really warmed me up, considering it was probably about -20C that afternoon.  (In fact, I think everyone also opted for the soup with their meals.)  Miss D ordered the garden sandwich, which was literally a salad stacked between slices of bread and she really enjoyed it.  Lady Ar and Miss B had the cucumber sandwich, Doc Bee ordered a quiche, Miss J got the egg salad sandwich, and Doc Kay (who actually already had lunch prior to arrival) ordered the scone, which came with butter, jam and devonshire cream.  (I’m soooo getting the scone the next time I’m there!)

...scone and jam...

For dessert I had the Christmas Platter, which turned out to be a plate of assorted goodies including a brownie, nanaimo bar, sugar cookies, a raspberry tart and a square of carrot cake.

...Christmas Platter...

Miss D had a slice of the Triple Layer Chocolate Cake, and Doc Bee split a slice of the Cranberry Cheesecake with Lady Ar.

...Cranberry Cheesecake...

In the end, I ended up falling in love with the chocolate cake and my plate of goodies was actually more in line with what Miss D felt like eating, so we ended up swapping desserts.  Oooh come to me!  So dense and cocoa-y, and not overwhelming with the frosting at all!

...Triple Layer Chocolatey goodness!...

I’m definitely coming back for that High Tea, even if I have to drag Mr O with me!

177 Yorston Street
Williams Lake, BC  V2G 1G6


Joey's Grill on Urbanspoon

October 8, 2009



Eek… eating out two days in a row!  But I have a very good reason for that!  Miss Crys is back in town for the Thanksgiving long-weekend.  It would be horrible if we weren’t allowed to catch up!  (For the curious bunch… and admit it, you’re out there… Miss Crys and I used to work together in the same office and I had the privilege of tutoring her for some heavy provincial board exams.  She was all ready to set up practice in town when she was suddenly whisked away from us and moved to Alberta.  Boo!)

It was Miss Crys’ pick and she wanted to try Joey’s Grill, so that was where we ended up as soon as I was done with work.  It’s a seat-yourself type of joint and we decided on a table by the window.  Our waitress was quick to greet us with menus and very friendly to boot.  In the end, I decided to get the Chicken Club and Miss Crys ordered the Chicken Cordon Bleu Burger.  While we waited for our food to arrive, we chatted and gossiped about stuff which I shall not divulge on here… all that needs to be said was that we had an awesome chat session :)


...chicken cordon bleu burger...

When our food finally arrived, we took a quick time-out so that I could take the pictures.  The sky was getting pretty dark by this point and it was fairly dim inside the restaurant but the pictures still turned out without having to use a flash, which pleased me to no end.  Her burger consisted of a lightly breaded piece of chicken breast, topped with a slice of ham and swiss cheese, as well as the usual burger fixings: red onion, lettuce, tomato and pickles.  Instead of fries Miss Crys chose a caesar salad as her side.


...chicken club...



...chocolate mousse cake... *drool*...

My sandwich was made up of grilled chicken breast, hickory bacon, tomatoes and lettuce.  It was really really good.  The breast was not dry at all, which I’m always wary of when I order white chicken meat.  And the bun it was served on bread that was very soft and herbed, which reminded me a lot of focaccia.  And the fries it came with weren’t very greasy, and had a nice crispy texture to it.  Did I mention it was good?

We both ate pretty fast (me, being starving and all) and had time for dessert.  We ended up splitting a slice of the chocolate mousse cake and zOMG…  it was frickin’ fantastic!!  The mousse was so rich and creamy and the cake it sat on tasted a lot like a fudgy brownie.  Swirls of chocolate and caramel decorated the plate, and the puffs of whipped cream and icing sugar just added to the decadence.  Oh yes, you better believe we scraped that plate clean by the time we were through.

Just before we left, I ordered another slice of heaven to-go so that Mr O can take part in the experience, him being a choco-holic and all.  Wasn’t that thoughful of me?

83 2nd Avenue
Williams Lake, BC  V2G 3W3


Porky's Deli on Urbanspoon

October 7, 2009

It’s been a long while since the last time I’ve had lunch with the girls from work so today we decided to rectify that.  It was a very brisk autumn afternoon… (read: it was very cold!)  Funny how in a matter of mere days the weather goes from one extreme to the next up here in the Cariboo.  So braving the frigid temperatures, we walked to Porky’s Deli.

There are no hours posted up at the place and I’ve yet to determine exactly what their hours are.  However, I do know that they close at 5:30pm on weeknights.  Lunch time is always steady here with a line of hungry consumers, and the food is very good.  The menu typically stays the same and it’s made fresh everyday.


cabbage roll and lasagna... mmm...

cabbage roll and lasagna... mmm...

You’ll find the format of the restaurant very similiar to that of a cafeteria.  Basically, you get yourself into the line-up, browse the selection of food available behind the glass panel (but don’t take too long!), tell the nice lady what you’d like to eat, and then proceed on to the check-out where your food will be waiting for you.  They even serve your food on those nifty cheap plastic trays!

Food is served in 6, 8, 10, 12 or 14 ounce containers.  Containers larger than 10 ounces allow you the option to choose more than one food item if you wish.  I can’t recall what the exact prices are for each of the sizes, but I do remember that you can choose a combo platter which allows you 4 different items for the mere price of $10.


curried chicken & chapatis

curried chicken & chapatis

cinny bun

cinny bun

My companions today are Miss B and Miss D.  I decided to split a 10 0z dish and chose the meat lasagna and a cabbage roll.  For dessert I added in a cube of their lemon cake.  Miss B ordered an 8oz dish of curried chicken and chapatis.  A huge honkin’ cinnamon roll rounded off her meal.  Miss D decided to follow her appetite’s calling and had the combo plate.  They filled it with curried rice & brocoli, beef stroganoff, roasted potatoes & sausage, and mac & cheese.  No dessert for her today, but she got an orange pop to drink.

Oiy, it was so much food and it was so good!  The noodles on my lasagna were really tender and the sauce nicely seasoned, as was the cabbage roll.  My only complaint was that there could’ve been more sauce on the cabbage roll itself.  And my cake was moist and very dense without overwhelming me with a strong flavour of lemon… just the way I like it.  Miss B’s dish looked delicious but I knew that it was way too spicy for me, and I was too stuffed to steal a bite out of her cinnamon roll.  The most surprising thing about this date for me though is probably witnessing Miss D finish her entire plate of food.  Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve never *ever* seen Miss D eat that much before!  I never knew that she even had it in her!  Needless to say, she didn’t help herself to the cinnamon roll either.


...combo plate anyone?...

...combo plate anyone?...

What if you’re not that hungry?  Well, for the merely peckish folks, they have a cooler full of sandwiches, quiches, cold breads and many types of salads.  As well they have a counter full of large glass jars that are filled with what looked like chocolate candies.

So folks, don’t let the plain store front fool you… there are lots of good stuff to eat inside!  I know I’ll be back for sure.