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Williams Lake, BC  V2G 1P5


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May 18, 2011

Welcome back to our regularly programmed schedule!  My date tonight is Mr O and tonight he drove me over to the Sir Bob’s Fish and Chips restaurant.  We don’t often visit this part of town, so this was actually my first time eating here.

There was a crowd of regulars already seated when we arrived, and we noticed a pretty steady stream of people coming in for their pick-up orders.  Checking out the menu, there was quite the list of seafood to choose from, in all sorts of various combinations.  Burgers, chicken fingers and salads were also available for those who are more into the turf, rather than the surf.

I went with the shrimp dinner with onion rings, and Mr O ordered the 3 piece battered cod dinner.  We also decided to get the calamari appetizer to start the meal off with.  As we waited for our food, we played with the full size bottles of tartar and cocktail sauce that came to our table and listened to the sounds of the deep fryer going off every so often.  Everything deep-fried tastes good so we were quite excited.

There was some disappointment when our calamari arrived, however.  It was pretty obvious that the squid came out of the frozen section.  There’s not much I can say about it really…  the only thing worth remarking is that it was accompanied by an aioli that was tart with what tasted like pepperoncini that was just fabulous.

...calamari... I think...

Our main entrees arrived shortly after that and we had to wait a bit before digging in because everything was so piping hot, literally straight out of the fryer.  The cod had a really light layer of batter around it, which is how I actually prefer my fried fish, so that it didn’t overwhelm the taste of the fish.  Unfortunately, the fish itself had a watery texture that suggested it also came straight out of a freezer.  But the shrimp was very nice with its breaded coating instead of the batter that I had been expecting.  There appeared to be cornmeal in the breading which gave it a pleasant sweet and nutty crunch, and the shrimp itself was done just right and not overcooked at all.

...battered fish and chips...

...ready for my close-up...

...fried shrimp...

As for the onion rings, they also came out of a bag.  But the fries were home-cut style and I had wished I had ordered those instead as I began to eat them off of Mr O’s plate, to his immense displeasure.  And the coleslaw was fantastic; tangy, fresh and lightly dressed.  In fact, I might just order that as my sole side-dish next time.

As our meal came to an end, we realised too late that we hadn’t left any room for dessert… but there are pies, cakes and ice cream to choose from for those who are better at pacing themselves.  Overall?  You can’t compare this to the fish and chip stands down by the coast… you just can’t; it wouldn’t be fair.  Unfortunately, I found that there was too much reliance on frozen pre-prepped food here.  I understand that there might be a lack of fresh supply of seafood up in the Cariboo, but frozen onion rings?  C’mon.


1640 Broadway Ave S
Williams Lake BC V2G 2V3


Sun-Thurs 10am-12pm, Fri/Sat 9am-2am

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August 7, 2009

My body was an absolute wreck… the end result of my sudden enthusiasm for exercise these past two days.  Every joint hurt and my muscles screamed for mercy.  To top it off, I had a very long day at work and as I limped my way out towards my car, all I could think was TGIF.  And to hell with cooking… I’m gonna persuade Mr O to take me out to dinner tonight!  I had wanted to go to the local sushi joint, but as it turned out they were closed for holidays.  So instead we headed towards the outer borders of town and had dinner at The Point.

oh so delicious!

oh so delicious!

The Point is probably one of the nicest restaurants in Williams Lake and it’s located inside the Chances Signal Point Gaming Casino.  The restaurant’s interior had undergone an extensive renovation roughly a year ago and the current ambiance is very contemporary.  The main dining room is very well lit and bright, surrounded by large windows that afforded a very nice view of the lake.  Further into the establishment there is a lounge sitting area which boasts tones of dark leather and wood.  One doesn’t come to Williams Lake expecting this kind of modern decor.

In the summer, two patios are opened for those looking for an outdoor eating experience.  And after dinner, you’re but a hop and a step away from the bingo and gambling facilities.

We ordered the calamari to start, cuz I just love the stuff… and believe me, it was soooooo good!!  I’m quite confident with the opinion that the calamari here is the best you can find in the Cariboo region.  The squid had a nice snap to it without that rubbery sensation that associated with squid that’s been overcooked, and the crispy coating is well seasoned and not heavy at all.  Served with it is a small bowl of pepperoncini sauce, which is absolutely delicious and much superior to the regular ol’ tzatziki.

For my main course I ordered the 6 oz sirloin steak and asked for it to be medium rare, with a side of baby potatoes and steamed veggies.  My steak arrived more on the medium well-well side, but it was tender enough that it didn’t matter too much.  (I’m not one to send food back unless there is something detrimentally wrong with it.)  The veggies kept my meal light and the potatoes were pretty fun to eat… they’re crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside.  They’re like round french fries.

meat & potatoes

meat & potatoes

Mr O had the beef ribs which was a plate of 6 long ribs coated in a smoky-honey glaze.  He said that there was a fair amount of meat on the bones, although it was probably fattier than those you might get at an actual steakhouse.  There was also an uneven distribution of the glaze, so while most of the meat was tasty, there were parts that were rather dry and bland.  I had stolen a large chunk of his dinner and really enjoyed the texture of the beef, but I had to concur with him on the sauce issue… there definitely could’ve been more of that sticky honey coating on it.

So as I was taking pictures of our meal for this project, our waiter informed us that there were no cameras allowed within the facility… Oopsies!!  My bad!  I’ve completely forgotten that we were inside a gambling establishment where no recording devices were allowed… Tee hee!  He was very nice about it and I apologised so no scene was made.  And the best part is I got to keep the pictures on my camera… bwahahaha!

The Point has a really good creme brulee cheesecake that’s very hard to get because it’s always sold out and tonight was no exception :(  Which was just as well I suppose because we were stuffed.



Overall we had a really good time and enjoyed ourselves, but the night came to a rather disappointing end.  While the food was quick to come, the service was slow, especially when the restaurant started to fill up with people.  We had to ask for our bill two times before finally just making our own way towards the debit machine after about 10 minutes of waiting.  It wouldn’t have been too bad to just sit and chat, but they had unfortunately already cleared our table and we didn’t have anything to drink or peck at.  To give them credit, there was a lot of space to cover inside the restaurant, and it *was* a busy Friday night.  And the waitstaff was friendly the whole night.

We’d still come back.

4016 S Hwy 97
Lac La Hache, British Columbia  V0K-1T0


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store front

store front

July 31, 2009

Mr O and I embarked on yet another trip down to the coast for the BC long weekend.  We headed down immediately after work and decided to stop along Highway 97 in Lac La Hache for dinner at the Edelweiss.  It’s a cute little schnitzel house that we’ve always just driven by.  So far, this blog is already a success in my eyes as far as I’m concerned since it’s achieved its goal today in making us try out new restaurants.

Schnitzel is essential a thin piece of cutlet, traditionally veal, that is breaded and fried, served with a slice of lemon and a side of potatoes.  The closest thing I’ve ever had is Ton Katsu, but I’m suspecting the flavours will taste quite different.

pretty pretty

pretty pretty

The summer’s heat wave continues and since the restaurant wasn’t air conditioned, we decided to eat in the outside patio where there was at least a nice breeze coming in from the lake.  It was only around 5:30pm when we arrived and the place was very quiet so it was quite a serene setting… except for the sounds of the passing traffic just off to our side.

I opted to order a chicken schnitzel, and Mr O asked for the House Special schnitzel, which is supposed to be also a chicken cutlet, but served stuffed with spinach, mushrooms and bacon.  For starters we really wanted to try the fried camembert, simply because we’ve never tried anything like it before.  But warm creamy cheese served with pear spears and slices of toasted french bread sounded like a dish too decadent for the current weather, so we decided to try the calamari squid rings instead.

lakeside seating

lakeside seating

The lady who seated us and took our orders was a nice German lady who I suspect is also the proprietor.  Once she left the patio, I whipped out my camera and started to take random shots of the scenery around us.  I don’t think it was until this moment that it dawned on Mr O just what my blogging project really entailed.  He was trying to tell me about his day and I swore that I really was paying attention to what he was saying, but I guess it was hard to believe since I was busy taking pictures of the flowers next to me.  I’m also just starting to get to know my camera a bit better so I’m not always quick on the draw in terms of what settings to use.  I suppose I must’ve seemed a bit – obsessive – when I took about five pictures of the same shot :P  I can’t help being a perfectionist!  Hahaha!

When the calamari arrived I admit that I was fairly disappointed.  They were perfectly shaped rings, symmetrical with one another.  The breading was thick and crunchy and it was obvious that this appetizer plate was not made on-site.  They looked like they might have once belong inside a plastic bag found in the freezer aisle of your local supermarket.  I hoped that the schnitzel was more impressive than this.

mmm... crunchy :P

mmm... crunchy :P

To my relief, it was and it looked very good.  Both dishes came with a side of potatoes, carrots, and a red cabbage relish.  I was a bit wary about trying out the cabbage because I’ve never eaten anything so bright before, not counting the koolaid of yester years of course.  But it was very tasty!  Very sweet and sour like which really appealed to my cantonese taste buds!  The chicken cutlet was moist and the breading lightly seasoned and not thick at all like the calamari was.  I tried to be very lady like in the manner of how I inhaled my food down.

schnitzel anyone?

schnitzel anyone?

Mr O’s chicken was a bit dryer than mine and the coating was a bit soggy too, but it was most likely due to the spinach and mushroom filling inside.  He forgot that I wanted to take pictures of our food so he was almost ready to dig into it the moment it had arrived.  I had him cut into the chicken so I could take a picture of the inside and the owner had walked by just as I was putting my camera away.  I didn’t offer her any explanation and I think she must’ve been worried that we were finding something wrong with the food because she walked by us a few seconds later to make sure that everything was okay.  I assured her that it was and that we were enjoying our meal.  Later on Mr O had told me that she had looked concerned when she saw me taking the picture.  I guess I should probably make some sort of  food blogging business cards to hand out in case of future incidences.



Despite not detecting any hint of bacon in his schnitzel, my dinner companion enjoyed his meal overall as well.  By now we were both full and were anxious to get back on the road again so we declined dessert.  This was one of the rare times when dinner didn’t come from a greasy paper bag out of McDonald’s or A&W so it was nice that I didn’t experience the feeling of a bloated stomach that I normally associate with a trip down to Vancouver.  This is great and I can’t wait to see where my blog will take me next!