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Williams Lake, BC  V2G 1Z6

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August 5th, 2010

It’s been a terribly long time since my last lunch date, and today I had the opportunity to rectify that.  Miss M is back in town from her long and worldly travels and so it was a date with Miss B, Miss D, and yours truly.

We arrived at Beeotcheese and seated ourselves at one of the paper covered tables.  A little container of crayons is found at each table which you can use to draw amusing sketches onto the paper, or entertain yourselves with games of tic-tac-toe.

They have a permanent menu, as well as a revolving menu which changes on a weekly basis.  I quite enjoy this concept because you never know what’s in store for you each time you come in!  Miss B, Miss D and I ordered from this week’s menu, while Miss M opted for something from the standard one.  I decided on the Beef Dip, which included a side of potato salad.  The other choice of sides included a nice garden or caesar salad.


...beefy dippy...

The beef was quite tender and accompanied by a thin layer of sweet sauteed onions.  I thought that it could’ve used more onions, but that was probably a good thing anyways since I had to go back to work afterwards.   The overall sandwich was very tasty but not as warm as I would’ve liked.  As a result, the bread was also just a bit too firm for my tastes and I think perhaps if the bread had been toasted it would’ve gone up just a few more notches in my books.

The potato salad was nice and creamy without the potatoes being too mushy.  There was also a nice ratio of celery and green onions, and the paprika is a very nice touch.

Miss D ordered the Roast Pork Club, which consisted of thinly sliced roast pork, sprouts, tomatoes, swiss cheese, and a light scallion mayo all spread on top of a whole wheat bun.  For her side choice she also decided on the potato salad.


...healthy sammie!...

Miss B decided to try the Sunflower Salad which looked to be quite the colourful artwork with its shredded blood red beets, bright orange carrots, baby greens, sunflower seeds, and what we surmised to be julienned jicama.  Miss M had the My Big Greek Chicken salad, which was made up of sliced grilled chicken breast, green peppers, red onions, cucumber, tomatoes and feta cheese all on top of a bed of spring greens.  Both salads came with a slice of fresh white bread and looked absolutely delicious.


...my big greek whaa?...

...edible rainbow...

We all ate well and cleaned our plates off like good lil girls while Miss M enthralled us with her adventures in Thailand and India.  Her trip sounded amazing!  But I felt bad for letting her do all the talking during our meal as the three of us were all done eating while Miss M was barely even halfway through her salad!  Of course, that meant there was time for dessert so Miss B and I both ordered a carrot cake.


...carrot cake...

It was very moist and sat on of a nice layer of caramel sauce.  Instead of the usual nuts and raisins, there was instead coconut and pineapple in the cake.  That changed the texture of the cake only slightly and it was very delicious, especially with that rich cream cheese icing on top.

Beetocheese is also home to the famous biscuit cinnamon rolls which are simply amaaaaazing!  The biscuit is very moist and tender on the inside and lightly crusted on the outside.  The cinnamon filling is not overwhelming at all and the light layer of icing on top is just the perfect compliment to the entire ordeal.  I took one to go from their little bakery section found at the front of the restaurant so that I could enjoy it at home at my own leisure.

When I did get it home after work, I was already half way through eating it when I realised I never took a picture of it!  So here it is, some of it still intact… oh yum!!


...sooo good...