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January 7, 2010

It was gonna be a quickie but we made it happened… Miss B and I finally had a firm lunch date with Miss M!  Our dear friend had returned awhile ago from her voyage through Peru, but due to other out-of-town trips we weren’t able to catch up with her until today.  I had exactly only *ONE* hour to do this, which is really not anywhere near enough time to try to hear about someone’s 6 week long journey!  But it was better than nothing and we made the New World Coffee and Tea House our meeting place.  (Beside that, this would be my first time at NWCaTH so there’s nothing like killing two birds with one stone!)

We seated ourselves at one of the round bistro-style tables and an employee was quick to greet us with menus and the daily special.  Miss B and I had a few minutes to decide what we wanted to eat while we waited for Miss M to arrive.  As it was, the both of us had rung in the new year with a self-enforced diet and I was trying very hard not to notice the freshly baked apple and pumpkin pies that were sitting in the cooler, right below the slices of various cheesecakes…. *gulp!*

...chai latte anyone?

Today’s special happened to be quiches!  Healthy, diet approved quiches… what luck!  The three of us ordered variations of the same meal which meant the Turkey and Veggie soup, a garden salad, and a slice of quiche.  Miss B and Miss M asked for the spinach, peppers and parmesan version and I had the dill and shrimp one.   Miss M indulged herself and also got herself a chai latte, whereas Miss B and I stuck with lemon water.

...soup's on!...

There really wasn’t much to say about the soup other than it was very hot and included actual chunks of real turkey meat.  It was nice, but I wasn’t particularly wowed by the flavour.  Luckily, the quiche was a whole other story… it was so good!  The crust with flakey and very light – I barely realised that there was even a crust – and hence, I did not feel guilty at all for eating carbs!  And the filling was very savoury, flavourful and smooth like silken tofu.  In the past quiches had been synonymous to me with rubbery egg dishes… who knew that it could be so light and wonderful?

...oh how quiche!...

...sooo silky...

I even enjoyed the salad.  My opinion of salad is you eat it out of necessity.  I’m an adult… I’m *supposed* to like eating salads.  And so I always eat them plain with no dressing… why ruin the nutrients I’m supposed to be ingesting by drenching it with fat and sugar?  But curious to know what the pink stuff sitting inside the tin cup was, I dipped my fork in to taste it, and before I knew it I was drizzling the stuff right over my greens.  (Not much, mind you… I do know how to practice restraint at times ;) )  The dressing was very yummy and is definitely something I can envision wanting more of as soon as my wedding date is over.

Now the neatest thing of all occurred when Miss M took the tea bag out of her chai.  The bag was simply enormous and we all had a good laugh about it (though heaven only knew why).  Turns out that it was a cloth bag that they stuffed with their own loose leaves, which they washed and re-used for the next tea.  That is so green and I love it!

...reusable tea bag...

...ready for more...