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Prince  George, BC  V2L 2C2


Su-Th: 5pm-9pm / F-Sa: 5pm-10pm

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Jun 26, 2010

The 2nd International Fascia Research Congress took place in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.  The replay of the event took place in Prince George, BC…. Can we guess which one I got to attend?


Well, to my disappointment, it wasn’t the one in Amsterdam.  But the replay was very informative.  (Yes yes, useless information I know… but I’m trying to build up a climax here!)  Friday evening I drove up here with Miss SH and Miss CD.  Miss CD and I stayed at the Coast Inn of the North.  Two of the more well-known restaurants in town are located within the hotel, one of which is Shogun, a Japanese steak house.

We made reservations to have dinner there on the Saturday night and was joined by Miss SH’s boyfriend, B.  Because Shogun was known for it’s teppanyaki, I had asked to be seated grill-side so that I could get the full on experience of teppan style cooking.

I ordered a 2-pc spring salmon nigiri starter and split an order of california rolls with Miss CD.  For my main course I asked for the Ozeki combo, which included a striploin steak, cooked to order, and prawns (shrimp and scallops were my other seafood options).  Miss CD ordered the Kobe combo, which featured a lobster tail, and scallops.  B originally wanted to order the beef tenderloin and seafood donburi, but was talked out of it by the waitress and changed his order to the Ozeki combo as well.  Miss SH wanted nothing to do with cooked food and asked for the sashimi boat dinner, which included fresh pieces of tuna, Hawaiian tuna, salmon, surf clam, red snapper, octopus, mackerel, and sweet raw shrimp.


...here fishy fishy...

The salmon on my nigiri was a deep red colour, which makes me think the fish is wild and not farmed.  It was tasty fish, but the rice seemed bland and broke apart far too easily when I tried to pick them up with my chopsticks (yes, I know… it’s *supposed* to be finger food!).  When I moved on to the california rolls, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it had REAL crab in it.  But it didn’t taste as good as I had hoped… the taste of crab was a bit more overwhelming that I had anticipated.  I’d probably wouldn’t order it again, but I’ve never been a huge fan of california rolls in the first place.


...sake nigiri for one...

...california rolls for two...

The Shogun salad is included in the dinner and it was a simple green garden salad served with a ginger dressing.  It was a lovely dressing but there was too much of it on my plate and after several minutes the greens were quite drenched in it.  We actually all agreed that it was too much dressing for one plate.


...greens and ginger...

The main attraction was the teppanyaki, of course.  The chef was quite funny in a corny kind of way and poked fun at my camera skills in a good natured manner… (the lights were DIM! and I forgot my tripod! and flash didn’t make the food look appetizing at all!)  Alright… enough with  my excuses!

The first burst of flames was HOT… it reminded me of the Back Draft show down at the Universal Studios.  The seafood was the first thing cooked and dang did his hands move fast!  I tried… REALLY tried to take pictures but those crazy limbs were just too fast for my camera!




...where are the hands?!...

My prawns came back succulent.  There are two types of dipping sauces to choose from: a mustard sauce and a ginger sauce.  I couldn’t decide which to dip my prawns in because both were very nice… so I alternated!

As we noshed, Miss CD’s lobster and our steak were thrown into the fire.  I had asked for my steak to be done medium-rare so it didn’t take too long before it was sitting on my plate.  Oh the meat was so tender and juicy… it was absolutely delicious!


...lovely steak...

By this point we were all approaching the stage where we were all stuffed to the gills, but who could resist the grilled veggies that came next?  A medley of bean sprouts, onions, zucchini, carrots, and asparagus was cooked with some soy sauce, and included a display which involved black lights and sesame seeds.  The kids will definitely like this part.


...onion volcano?...

...goes boom!...

As we filled in all the nooks and crannies of our bellies with the veggies, the chef ended the evening with a short and entertaining drumming routine.  All in all, the evening took about 1.5 hours.

Miss SH’s boat came with dessert, while ours didn’t, so we all sat back in our seats to digest while she had her ice cream.

It was a great way to spend a Saturday evening.  Next time… I’ll have to remember to not fill up on the rice!


55 Sixth Avenue
Williams Lake, BC  V2G 1K8


Closed Sundays, opened Mon-Sat for lunch and dinner.


EDITED Aug 16, 2010… MOVED!!  New address is 770 Oliver Street at 250-305-0035.

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August 12, 2009



Someone forgot to take the salmon out of the freezer (*ahem* not me!) so nothing was thawed out enough to prepare.   Hence, no dinner awaited me when I got home from work.  So it was take-out tonight.  However, I just so happened to be talking about the local sushi place with my last patient so I had the taste for it in my head.  Sushi & Steak House was where I had dragged Mr O off to.

smoked salmon roll

smoked salmon roll

When I had first moved to Williams Lake, if you wanted sushi you had to wait for it to come out on particular days at the Safeway deli section.  And even then you’d only be able to find the obligatory “western” rolls, such as the california or kappa.  I never bothered to try it… I didn’t even know if the rolls were made on-site.  Then, a couple of years ago a franchise from California by the name of ‘California Roll & Sushi’ (I know, right?) opened up a place in town.  Though the food was good, the service was slow and atrocious.  Needless to say, they didn’t last long.  After several months of operation, the place closed down, changed ownership, and re-opened.  The service was still slow, and the food didn’t taste as good anymore.  They lasted even shorter than their predecessor.

fried gyoza, prawn & yam tempura

fried gyoza, prawn & yam tempura

But alas!  It re-opened once more and though the signage above the restaurant still hangs the old California Roll logo, ‘Sushi & Steak House’ was born!  My first visit there was with trepidation as I have been burned twice already by this location.  I had an extended lunch break so I figured this would be the best time to go, if they were slow I’d hopefully wouldn’t be late for work… but they were so quick!  I was in and out within a matter of 30 minutes!

I used to go and get their bento boxes, but last summer they introduced the concept of all-you-can-eat and I was sold.  I think the idea of sushi was still a novelty to the local population and I made sure to spread the word that the new sushi restaurant was worth trying.  What can I say?… I wanted this place to last.

The a la carte menu is still available, but if you eat sashimi you’d find you get more bang for your buck with the AYCE.  The menu is very limited when compared to counterparts found in the Lower Mainland, but you’d still find a wide variety of maki-rolls, tempura, teriyaki meat with fried noodles, and nigiri sushi.  Tonight we had miso, fried gyoza, prawn and yam tempura, dynamite roll, avocado roll, smoked salmon roll, and the crazy roll.  We also ordered ebi, tuna and salmon nigiri, as well as tuna and salmon sashimi.

craaaaazy roll

craaaaazy roll

The crazy roll is basically a deep-fried california roll, served with a dollop of mayo and hot sauce.  It’s probably my favourite maki on the menu… there’s just something tasty about crunchy fried rice!  Mr O prefers the smoked salmon roll.

But the one thing that keeps me coming back time over time again is their sashimi aka “the raw stuff”.  Perhaps it’s just me, but in my experience when I eat salmon sashimi in restaurants north of Hope, I find that there is always a smoky – almost lox like – taste and texture to the fish.  This is a major turn-off for me because I do not like smoked fish.  The salmon sashimi at the Sushi & Steak House does *not* have this problem.  On occasion the sashimi comes out still slightly icy, but it never has that weird loxy taste!

sashimi...action shot!

sashimi...action shot!

For those who still aren’t sold on the idea of eating sushi and raw seafood, they also have steak and other western-type food on the menu, however they are not available for AYCE.

salmon nigiri... yum!

salmon nigiri... yum!

When we first started coming here a year ago, there were never too many patrons inside.  There would be times where we were the only ones in there.  But now, fast-forward a year later, they are always hopping when we arrive.  That’s good news for me because that’s a good sign they’re here to stay!

The sushi chef is always there at the front smiling and welcoming you in, and the madame proprietor is always hyper and very friendly.  They even know us here by face, which is a pretty neat experience as that’s never happened to us before.

a strawberry finish

a strawberry finish

Taking pictures here was a real treat too.  There was so much I wanted to capture because everything here was so colourful and artfully plated out!  And because this was a place I’ve been to before, I felt comfortable enough to take my time with each shot.  I was almost more familiar with my camera by now so I was able to breeze through the functions with ease.

A new food list was placed at our table when we were nearly done eating what we had in front of us, but we were both too full to order any more food.  When we were finally finished, the plates were cleared away and a small plate with a sliced up strawberry appeared, one for each of us.  I thought it was a cute finishing touch :)