1301 Cariboo Hwy 97 N
Cache Creek, BC  V0K1H0


Mon-Sun: 8am- 11pm (at time of post).


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August 29, 2010

Made our way home a bit later than anticipated and it was just about 9pm when we arrived at Cache Creek.  I thought it was time for dinner and was prepare to resign myself to eating at the Husky’s diner or the A&W seeing how it was Sunday night and most small-town eateries tend to close early.  To my surprise the bright yellow lights of Hungry Herbies were still lit so we decided to stop in.

What a surprise… it turns out they were opened till 11pm!  (Although while waiting for our food we eavesdropped on a conversation and found out that these were just their summer hours.)

My understanding is that there are actually 2 official entrances… one of them being the entryway to the ‘smoking-section’ of olden days.  The open kitchen sits in the middle, adjoining the two dining rooms.  We entered through the original non-smoking section and the first thing you’ll see is the huge menu that’s posted on the wall.

Once you’ve decided what you want to eat, you place your order with the cashier.  If it’s not something that’s quick and easy they’ll give you a number and call you when it’s done.  It’s like fast-food service, but with non-fast food… um… food!  I ordered the Combo, which is a 2 piece chicken meal with a side of coleslaw and fries.  Mr O ordered the famous Monsterburger (TM) and a side of poutine.

The restaurant was almost bathed in a warm yellow hue of flourescent lights and the weather was warm enough that the green picnic benches outside were quite occupied.  Antique appliances and old historical-esque photographs decorated the room, giving the place a nice kitschy feel.  There was quite a steady stream of traffic coming through the restaurant which surprised me because at this time of night on a Sunday Williams Lake is virtually dead.

Mr O went to pick up the food when our number was called.  My chicken was light but crispy on the outside, and piping hot on the inside.  I was a bit disappointed that one of the pieces was a breast because I wasn’t a big fan of white meat.  But seriously, this meat was nice and tender… not at all dry like I had feared.  The skin was nicely seasoned without it being overly salty and it didn’t seem too greasy.  According to the menu, the fried chicken here are cooked in a pressure-cooker… could this be the secret to moist, non-greasy fried chicken breasts?  I shall have to investigate!

...2pc combo...

...chicky chicky wow wow...

The coleslaw was really nothing to write home about.  It was a small container of shredded cabbage which was almost swimming in dressing.  But the home-cut fries were good and made up for that.  Not terribly crispy, but I found I didn’t mind at all… especially when they were coated in melty, gooey mozza, cheddar and gravy in the poutine version!  Christ they were fattening… but oh so good!  Once in awhile won’t hurt though, right?  I’m just glad that Mr O was willing to share them with me!

...ooey gooey poutiney...

His Monsterburger (TM) was huge and made up of 2 beef patties, cheese, mushrooms, bacon, relish, mayo, lettuce and tomato.  These burger come with a warning to not attempt driving while eating one, and that warning came with good reason… meat and relish juice all over the wrapper!  His fingers were coated and he went through quite a few napkins trying to contain the mess.  Taste-wise it was good, but seriously… it had nothing on the Burger Shed.


And get this… free wifi!  In Cache Creek!  Who knew??  Maybe next time I’ll do a live redux onsite!