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October 11, 2010

Today we ventured into the Kanaka Bar Cafe in time for brunch.  It was truly one of those places where I didn’t know what to expect.  I figured that Kanaka sounded Japanese so maybe they had asian food.  But then Mr O mentioned that it was a Chinook word for “Hawaiian”.  Well, according to the area’s history he was right, but I should get half points since it turned out that it was a western-slash-Chinese food joint.  Chinese is asian right?

...store front...


The inside decor was a pretty outdated fusion of rustic lodge and Chinese paraphernalia, old school cafeteria style chairs and tables and vinyl booths.  The restaurant had a role in the movie “The Pledge” which was filmed back in 2000 and I suspected that much of the interior design might have been a relic from those days.

The menu consists of both western food and westernized Chinese food.  In particular, there is a rather extensive selection of breakfast type foods.   Mr O ordered the Sunshine breakfast.  As for me, earlier I had overheard the owners speaking in Cantonese when we walked in and decided to take the risk and ordered a Chinese two-item dinner combo. There were about nine items to choose from and I decided on the stereotypical sweet and sour pork with chicken chow-mein.

For those interested, an old album of some behind-the-scenes pictures of the filming of the Pledge is available for flipping through, which was what we did while we waited for our food to arrive.  In it there were quite a few pictures of the family’s young toddler son posing with various cast and crew members.  What was kinda weird, though, was looking up from the album to see that same son, now a young man, working behind the till.

...the "pledge"...


My plate came with bright red saucy pork on one side, and neutral coloured noodles on the other. The chow-mein had shredded cabbage and bean sprouts in it, as well as sparse amounts of what looked like deli-cut chicken.  This disappointed me.  But then I found that the pork was surprisingly tender, and the atomic red sauce actually won me over.  My initial impression of the sauce was it smelled very pungent and vinegary, but the more I ate the more I began to enjoy it.  I also caught on to what tasted like a hint of ginger, which was pretty nice.  And while I’ll still maintain that the noodles were pretty blah, it really balanced out the aggressive flavours of the pork dish.  Overall, I have to say that as westernized Chinese food goes, this was pretty decent.

...s&s pork and chicky chowmein...


Mr O’s Sunshine breakfast came with sausage links, bacon, eggs and pancakes which all came in pairs of 2s, and home-made hashbrowns. The potatoes were cooked perfectly but could’ve used a bit more seasoning in my opinion.  The bacon also came out really crispy, and the pancakes were very thick and cakey. This is great for someone who prefer their pancakes cooked this way, which was actually how Mr O liked them.

...breaky...take 1...

...and take 2...


The proprietor also happened to be the waitress and she was very friendly and seemed outgoing.  Unfortunately she spent pretty much most of her time conversing with a rather large crowd that was seated on the other side of the restaurant so we didn’t see much of her.  Mr O wanted more coffee, and I was hoping for some chopsticks to eat my food with, neither of which we got because we were never once checked up on once our food arrived.  That kinda sucked because there was just something wrong about a Chinese person eating chow-mein with a fork.

Overall, I’m very glad that we finally had the opportunity to check this place out and solve the long standing mystery of what kind of food you’d find inside.  If you love westernized Chinese food, you’ll probably like it here as they do it quite well and I would recommend this place.  And the breakfasts here are very reasonably priced with great portions.  We may hit this place up again, but it’ll be more fun to try something new.


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Summer: 6a-10p, Winter: 6a-9p (opened 7 days a week)

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November 7, 2009

It was a late Saturday afternoon when we found ourselves driving through the city of Hope and decided to stop at Rolly’s for some late lunch.  We’ve thought about eating here on more than one occasion because we’ve had a few people recommend this place, but never actively searched it out so we’ve never found it.  The establishment is located just behind the Chevron gas station on the main strip through town and the signage is actually quite easy to see if you knew where to look.  Weather was miserable and had been a consistent downpour for our entire trip down to the Coast so I was looking forward to getting something hot in my stomach.

It took a few minutes before we were acknowledged and the waitress seated us in a diner-typical vinyl booth.  The menu was fairly extensive and I took interest in their pie selection.  Coconut cream was available and it was something I’ve been hoping to try for awhile now.

...scramble and flapjacks...

Rolly’s is supposedly well-known for their breakfast food, particularly their pancakes and eggs benedicts.  However, it was about 2pm and my craving for breakfast food was well past so I ordered the chicken burger with a glass of lemon water.  Mr O ordered the ham and egg scramble, which came with a side of the famous pancakes, along with a cup of coffee.

They were out of chicken breasts and I had been informed that they were using the chicken strips in their place, which I was fine with.  When my burger appeared it was dressed with mayo, shredded lettuce and a slice of tomato.  What was puzzling, though, was the small packet of cranberry sauce that came with my meal.  Was I supposed to put this in my burger??  Anyhoo… a nice scoop of potato salad also accompanied my meal, which I found quite tasty, even though I ended up picking out the slices of radishes that was mixed in.  I was pretty hungry and enjoyed the first few bites of my food.

...chicken strips! er... burger!

...potato salad... hold the radishes!

It was at around this point when my lunch took something of a sour turn…

It wasn’t a very busy time of the day and there were few patrons inside the restaurant.  Seated not too far away from us was a small group of middle-aged white women.  They were talking.  Loudly.  You couldn’t help eavesdropping even if you tried.  Phrases along the lines of “chinese people are rude”, “Richmond is like Chinatown”, and “Hong-couver” filtered into my ears.  I’ve mentioned a few times in previous posts that I’m of Chinese descent, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I got extremely upset.  Shooting the occasional dirty look their way went un-noticed and my appetite was gone.  I had no taste for the food in front of me and ended up pushing away a nearly full plate.  The waitress came at one point to ask how everything was and I didn’t even want to make eye-contact with her.  Mr O told her the food was fine and sent her on her way.  I  knew I was being very pissy and wanted to leave the restaurant so I told him to quickly finish his food.

The egg scramble was nothing worth mentioning and he noted that the pancakes were light, cakey and quite good.  (However, we ended up at IHOP’s for breakfast the next day and he admitted that the pancakes at this franchise were better).

When we finally went up to pay, the cashier never asked us how our meal went so I never got the chance to snipe, which was just as well.  At that point I just wanted to be as far away from the place as possible and get on with the rest of my long-weekend.  My overall review of the restaurant is skewed now, and I can’t give an honest opinion of how the food really was (especially that coconut cream pie I’ll never have a chance to try now).  Unfortunately, through no real fault of the restaurant’s, I don’t see myself giving Rolly’s another chance anywhere in the near future.