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July 26th, 2011

As it turns out, Mr O had never been to Trattoria’s before… and it’s been over a year since I last ate here… so of course you can guess where we had dinner tonight.  It’s a seat-yourself establishment and menus await you at each place setting.  The interior is cozy and rustic with well-worn hardwood floors and framed pictures scenic Italy.  Dominating the space behind the counter was a chalkboard listing the many choices of Italian soda that’s available, and the mismatched chairs lends a hand in creating an inviting homely environment, akin to eating at your auntie’s home.

Pasta is the obvious star of tonight’s menu, but there’s a variety of salads to choose from if you happen to have a lighter appetite.  Mr O was intrigued by today’s special, which was linguini with a spicy Italian sausage, and I ordered the Tortellini Pesto.  For starters we decided to try the bruschetta.

My knowledge of Italian cuisine is admittedly not the greatest because I don’t often find myself eating Italian food.  This was my first time trying bruschetta, which is something I’m only familiar with all thanks to the Food Network.  Conferring with Mr Wiki, bruschetta can be referred to either the bread itself, according to hard core Italians, or the topping, according to our Americanized (er… Canadianized?) culture.  The baguette rounds our appetizer came with were neither toasted, nor rubbed with garlic or any seasonings, so the leading role here is played by the topping… which was amazing.  Imagine fresh tomatoes, garlic and basil all chopped up and macerated together in a magical harmony by good olive oil and fresh parmesan.  It’s refreshing and full of wonderful subtle flavours, which was not at all what I expected since there’s garlic and parm at play here.  Only five baguette rounds came with the starter though, so I graciously gave away the odd one out to Mr O.

...bruschetta for two...

When his dinner-sized meal arrived at the table, I had to halt him for a moment before he was able to dive right into the pasta.  It was full of mushroom, bell peppers, spring onions, and fresh tomatoes, stirred into a pesto cream sauce.  The slices of spicy Italian sausage were well distributed, and the noodles were a perfect al dente texture.  Pesto is absolutely delicious and it coats the noodles beautifully.  It lends a nice basil taste and compliments the kick you get out of the spicy sausage.

...pesto ala linguini...

I decided to get only the lunch-sized version of the Tortellini Pesto tonight because I was adamant that I’d have room left for dessert.  And thank goodness I did because I ended up having to pack some of it away in a to-go box.  Not from lack of trying mind you, as the dish was delicious.  It had the same pesto cream sauce and it coats cheese-filled bite-sized tortellini.  Mushrooms and bits of bacon give it a different taste profile from Mr O’s dinner and whole pine nuts garnished the entire thing.

...pesto ala tortellini...

But like I said, I was insistent that there’d be dessert and I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that the desserts were all homemade.  Up for offer are whipped cheesecake, tiramisu, and afternoon delight, which sounded like a chocolate-y layered dessert.  I’m all about the tiramisu (it’s practically the only thing Italian that I yearn for) and Mr O didn’t even need to think twice about the cheesecake.

And what a cheesecake!  It was ultra-smooth, fluffy, and melt-in-your-mouth good.  You get a choice out of three fruity toppings and ours came with strawberries.  My tiramisu was equally good although the lady fingers had soaked up more of the coffee than I would’ve preferred.  Still, that didn’t stop me from plowing through the velvety layers of mascarpone and moist sponge cake.  However I still managed to maintain the decorum of a proper lady and didn’t try to lick the bits of chocolate off of my plate.  Momma would be so proud.

...cheesy cake...

...tiramisu heaven...


23A First Avenue South
Williams Lake, BC  V2G 1M4


January 28th, 2010

I can’t remember how I pulled it off, but Mr Odie had popped into the clinic this afternoon to take Miss B out to lunch and I somehow got myself an invite!  Naturally, I suggested to drag Miss D out with us too so that I wouldn’t have to play third wheel *heh*.  My understanding is that Mr Odie is quite fond of Trattoria’s so that was where we went.

Oh how I love the smell of pasta and their oh-so-rich sauces!  But carbs are bad for me!  (Well, at least for another couple months anyways…) It was salads for me *boo* but Miss B was on a diet too so I had company in the leafy department.  My pick for today is the meal sized portion of the Hot Chicken Garden salad.  It was warm chicken breast, sliced up and laid ontop of a large bed of romaine hearts, zucchini, tomatoes, sugar snap peas, and spring green onions.  It was quite delicious.


...hot chicken garden salad...

Miss B ordered the  Cajun Chicken Caesar salad, also in the meal size.  Sliced up spicy chicken breast, croutons, and parmesan sat on her plate of romaine.  Miss D had the Cajun Chicken fettucini and Mr Odie had the Chicken and Mango linguini.  He also indulged in a glass of red house wine.


...cajun chicken caesar...

...cajun chicken fettucini

...chicken & mango linguini...

The food came quickly and the establishment was very cozy.  It filled up with people in no time and the noise levels rose, but it was the comforting sounds of people gossiping, catching up, and generally have a great time with each other.  A breeze of cold wind would be let in every time someone let the door open though, and a sweater would be recommended if dining here during winter like we were.

Nobody had room for dessert, but I’m told that the cheesecakes here are to die for, and I noticed that they have bubble tea here (!)… Unfortunately, it appears that they’re only offered in the summer and they use powder instead of fresh fruit.  Who knows… maybe I’ll be able to enjoy a bubble tea right here in Williams Lake in a few months.

177 Yorston Street
Williams Lake, BC  V2G 1G6


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October 8, 2009



Eek… eating out two days in a row!  But I have a very good reason for that!  Miss Crys is back in town for the Thanksgiving long-weekend.  It would be horrible if we weren’t allowed to catch up!  (For the curious bunch… and admit it, you’re out there… Miss Crys and I used to work together in the same office and I had the privilege of tutoring her for some heavy provincial board exams.  She was all ready to set up practice in town when she was suddenly whisked away from us and moved to Alberta.  Boo!)

It was Miss Crys’ pick and she wanted to try Joey’s Grill, so that was where we ended up as soon as I was done with work.  It’s a seat-yourself type of joint and we decided on a table by the window.  Our waitress was quick to greet us with menus and very friendly to boot.  In the end, I decided to get the Chicken Club and Miss Crys ordered the Chicken Cordon Bleu Burger.  While we waited for our food to arrive, we chatted and gossiped about stuff which I shall not divulge on here… all that needs to be said was that we had an awesome chat session :)


...chicken cordon bleu burger...

When our food finally arrived, we took a quick time-out so that I could take the pictures.  The sky was getting pretty dark by this point and it was fairly dim inside the restaurant but the pictures still turned out without having to use a flash, which pleased me to no end.  Her burger consisted of a lightly breaded piece of chicken breast, topped with a slice of ham and swiss cheese, as well as the usual burger fixings: red onion, lettuce, tomato and pickles.  Instead of fries Miss Crys chose a caesar salad as her side.


...chicken club...



...chocolate mousse cake... *drool*...

My sandwich was made up of grilled chicken breast, hickory bacon, tomatoes and lettuce.  It was really really good.  The breast was not dry at all, which I’m always wary of when I order white chicken meat.  And the bun it was served on bread that was very soft and herbed, which reminded me a lot of focaccia.  And the fries it came with weren’t very greasy, and had a nice crispy texture to it.  Did I mention it was good?

We both ate pretty fast (me, being starving and all) and had time for dessert.  We ended up splitting a slice of the chocolate mousse cake and zOMG…  it was frickin’ fantastic!!  The mousse was so rich and creamy and the cake it sat on tasted a lot like a fudgy brownie.  Swirls of chocolate and caramel decorated the plate, and the puffs of whipped cream and icing sugar just added to the decadence.  Oh yes, you better believe we scraped that plate clean by the time we were through.

Just before we left, I ordered another slice of heaven to-go so that Mr O can take part in the experience, him being a choco-holic and all.  Wasn’t that thoughful of me?